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Walk-In Services

This list includes Walk-In Services and Add-Ons

Walk-In Services

Nail Trims             $5.00

Nail Grinds             $10.00

Nail Cap Application       $6.00

Nail Painting            $6.00

Who doesn't love getting their nails done?

Add-On Services

Blueberry Facial           $7.00

Helps fight tear stains and adds a wonderful smell to their squeaky clean faces

De-shedding Treatment        $25.00

FURminator shampoo and conditioner works to reduce shedding by up to 90% and promotes a healthy skin and coat

Flea & Tick Bath           $10.00

Kills those pesky little bugs and keeps pet safe *No flea baths for cats*

Hair Color             $6.00 +

Add a little character to your furry friend with our non-toxic, non-harmful coloring